Sitemap & NoIndex Manager for Shopify

The first Shopify app that lets you manage and exclude URLs from your store's XML sitemap!

The ideal app if you want to take complete control of the way search engines index and approach your online store. Fix duplicate content issues by removing pages from your sitemap, and apply NoIndex, NoFollow so search engines stay away.

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Sitemap & NoIndex Manager is exceedingly lightweight and is essential to your store if you want to increase your search engine rankings. This app will help you take out duplicate content issues, safeguarding your search engine rankings and bring in more customers.

Fix duplicate content issues

Sitemap & NoIndex Manager is so easy to use and will help you tackle duplicate content issues by excluding pages from your sitemap and applying the NoIndex directive to the pages you want search engines to stay away from. Using this app you have full control of where you want search engines to crawl and not to crawl.

Attract new customers in larger numbers

By using our app you'll increase your search engine rankings because it will eliminate Google penguin and Panda issues. There can be many different versions of the same page and this app will help you tackle that problem. By increasing your rankings you'll attract new customers as they'll be able to find you in the search engine results.

Easy to install

It's as easy as 1-2-3 to install Sitemap & NoIndex Manager. You'll be up and running in no time! Once you're logged in you'll have access to our installation guide. And if you're stuck, get in touch with us!

Once you've installed the app you'll be able to use our bulk edit features that allows you to save multiple items in one go rather than doing it 1 by 1.

Screenshot of Sitemap & NoIndex Manager dashboard 2

Easy to use Dashboard

Our dashboard is so easy to use - you just simply need to login/install and use our bulk edit which allows you to edit multiple items in one go so you don't have the pain of editing 1 by 1! You can still edit items 1 by 1 if you wish.

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Manage all aspects

You can turn NoIndex on and remove from your sitemap on the following sections:

  • Manage your Shopify XML Sitemap
  • Products
  • Product tags (e.g. /collections/testtag)
  • Product vendors (e.g. collections/vendors?q=testvendor)
  • Product types (e.g. /collections/types?q=testtype)
  • Pages
  • Collections
  • Blogs and blog articles
  • Blog tags
  • NoIndex your entire store
  • NoIndex your search result pages (e.g. /search?q=test)
  • NoIndex your cart page (/cart)
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It's as easy as 1 - 2 - 3!


Install the Sitemap & NoIndex Manager app to your Shopify store.

Take control

Use our easy to use dashboard to take control and start optimising your store's Search Engine appearance.

Increase your rankings

Watch your store increase and protect its rankings in the Search Engine results.

Install and take control!

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